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vidual accumulations of wealth. “In our stage of progress such a state of things is impossible. The performance of an act inflicting injury or even discomfo

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rt upon one or more fellow beings in our society, brings its punishment in the general condemnation and disgrace which follows. Active benevolence, which is with you an impul


se, sporadic and exceptional, is with us an ever-present emotion, and upon it we have founded the chief pleasures of life. We have no eleemosynary e


stablishments, because they are not needed. There can be no suffering from destitution among us, since each person finds in his own surroundings the ready, helping hand. No neglected orphan wanders about uncared for, because each family finds its

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pleasures increased by the opportunity to bestow shelter. Each dwelling is open to all, and no assuring salutation is needed to welcome the visitor. He enters the house of the stranger, as the stranger would e

nter his, by the right of the universal brotherhood which prevails. “The love of our kind forms the corner stone of our single religion, just as the like is made the foundation upon which your many creeds a